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26 September 2005

mental health

A sociopath does not feel shame.

22 September 2005

Hurricane Rita Evacuees

Thousands of residents of Galveston, Houston, and Dallas are fleeing hurricane Rita. Someone with wealth and power should step forward and offer shelter to these unfortunate victims of natural disaster. Someone with a ranch in Crawford, for example. What would the Boy President say to being asked to share his great wealth and spacious home? Try change: set a good example by extending the offer to the New Orleans evacuees, also.

17 September 2005

more FEMA

This morning a friend who is involved in trucking told me that FEMA had been ready. There were 600 trucks of food, water, and medical supplies in Louisiana, ready to assist the New Orleans flood victims. The trucks were not permitted to deliver, as local and state authorities wanted the people to move out of the Superdome sooner. As yet, I have not been able to get independent verification of this report. Anyone else have info which would exonerate the people presumed guilty by the press?

This same former Marine friend also told me that in a natural disaster, but not terrorist attack, the Feds are not permitted to assume authority over state government.

Can anyone shed further light? Note that George could have at least pretended to show some empathy for the evacuees and that both he and Laura are tainted by their insensitivity. The more I read regarding this disaster, the more I feel blame should be placed at local and state levels.

12 September 2005


Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Mike Brown resigned today! Criticized for his foot dragging response to Hurricane Katrina's damage to New Orleans, Brownie felt further isolated by the Bush Administration's efforts to distance itself from their own political appointee.
George W. Bush, it's time for you to follow suit. Take the honorable way out. Resign.

03 September 2005


Aging has hit our family. My father frequently dozes throughout the day. Last week he collapsed, striking his head while falling. It isn't known if the atrial fibrillation preceded the loss of consciousness, but he was admitted to the hospital and outfitted with a cardiac pacemaker. This routine surgery took less than two hours. Despite regular physicals, his physician attributed the diminished alertness levels of the past few years to depression and prescribed Lexapro.

He is in no shape to take up strenuous exercise. My father never was one for doing physically oriented games. As an electrical engineer he preferred intellectual pursuits such as chess, reading, and crossword puzzles.

Prognosis is good!

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