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18 June 2005


Went rappelling at Dundee Falls today.
For a change of pace, and to gather info, attending the Cavers & Climbers meeting was in order. After the meeting, a member invited me to practice descents/ascents from a 40' cliff, so we met the Cleveland Grotto members to work on these crucial skills. Some of them were learning and others were practicing for upcoming events such as Bridge Day in Fayetteville, West Virginia. This annual event is held on the third Saturday in October at the New River Gorge Bridge. This is the only time of the year when such adventure is allowed. BASE jumpers are also involved but not all who would rapel are permitted; see website: www.bridgeday.info. Should be fun; it is too late for yours truly to register.

07 June 2005


Last night I took a basic SCUBA refresher class. We covered such topics as hand signals to communicate underwater, entry/exit, buoyancy control, equalizing the ears, mask clearing, air share, ascent/descent, planning with a NAUI Dive Table, emergency swimming ascent, and treating nitrogen emergencies.

I first became certified in college by taking diving as a phys ed class so I could dive in Jamaica. We did a night dive in Sponge Garden in St. Anne's Bay. Note: the sea critters, ie., hydras and jellyfish, are attracted to light. Bear this in mind if placing a light near the ladder to board the dive boat. Our divemaster was stung about the face as he surfaced.

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