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31 December 2007

The Mayfly Project 2007

The Mayfly Project 2007
a year in 24 words

A friend committed suicide and a former teacher made the transition. The gods must feel wrath. George W. Bush took us closer to Hell.

See www.meish.org/mayfly


24 December 2007

Funeral for a Friend

This post is an honor to a fallen friend, a means of closure, and a cry to examine one's own life. I met Tony while an undergrad in the early nineties. He was perceptive, resourceful, and brilliant. It seems, however, that demons haunted Tony. Where do the smart people turn for advice? Tony, we never knew.

To family: This post is to express my condolences for your personal loss. Is there anything I can do for you? If there is anything I can do for you, please call.

In the words of Marta, Tony's fiancee, he taught me to "Believe in love and people."

At present a link to Tony's life is found at http://anthonycorlando.legacy.com.


23 December 2007

Scientific Advancement

It was on this day in 1975 that Congress passed the Metric Conversion Act and started the "go metric" campaign with school activities, bumper stickers, public service announcements, and wall charts. But in 1982, Ronald Reagan disbanded the Metric Board and canceled its funding. The metric system was developed 200 years ago, during of the Age of Reason, and is based on numeric intervals of 10, while the U.S.'s measurement system is based on seeds and body parts. Today, the United States, Liberia, and Myanmar are the only nonmetric countries in the world.*

Way to go, Gipper. Get the government off the people's backs.

*The Writer's Almanac

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17 December 2007

Kiss of Death

Senator Joe Lieberman just endorsed John McCain for President. Christian nation, John? A pox on both your religions. We need smart leaders, not those who kowtow to narrow minded zealots.

This blog wishes to remind readers that morality preceded organized superstition.


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