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One learns, as nothing endures but change.

31 July 2005


Recently some friends and I poured concrete piers to begin building a cabin in the woods, and yesterday we installed the floor joists. I learned something: the 4'x8' tongue-in-groove OSB sheets cover only 3' 47.5" in the shorter direction. The wood framing for this project is from three trees harvested from the local property in Harrison County, Ohio. In the 1900's it was a cattle farm owned by Asher Latham.

Today we covered the porch framing with flooring and built and erected the four walls. This is rather easy when the 2'x4's are of uniform size, but our lumber was rough sawn on premises and warped from drying without benefit of a kiln. This called for creative carpentry. We have electricity; running water sure would make life easier. More to follow.

19 July 2005

Alyssa's Wedding

Alyssa, my cousin, got married on Saturday. The service went smoothly and was over in one hour. As it should be. A memorial candle was lit as part of the ceremony to remember her husband's sister who was killed while working in the Towers.

Why do the radical Muslims hate the USA? Multiple reasons come to mind but the single most significant is our support of the occupation. The answer is to cut off Israel. If they whine, we send them a bill for all public monies spent since 1948. If people wish to send private, non-deductible donations, they are free to do so.

It was a great pleasure to see my family at the wedding. My aunt had to use a wheelchair and was accompanied by a nurse. A babe nurse! I was told she is married...so why wasn't she wearing any rings? All are doing well and none are defending George's oil. Best Wishes and have a long, prosperous marriage!

01 July 2005


This morning a new personal record was achieved. Several years after surgery to repair an inguinal hernia caused by doing sit-ups incorrectly, I have reached a new level of 150 crunches on an adjustable abdominal board set at the highest position of 45 degrees.

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