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19 July 2005

Alyssa's Wedding

Alyssa, my cousin, got married on Saturday. The service went smoothly and was over in one hour. As it should be. A memorial candle was lit as part of the ceremony to remember her husband's sister who was killed while working in the Towers.

Why do the radical Muslims hate the USA? Multiple reasons come to mind but the single most significant is our support of the occupation. The answer is to cut off Israel. If they whine, we send them a bill for all public monies spent since 1948. If people wish to send private, non-deductible donations, they are free to do so.

It was a great pleasure to see my family at the wedding. My aunt had to use a wheelchair and was accompanied by a nurse. A babe nurse! I was told she is married...so why wasn't she wearing any rings? All are doing well and none are defending George's oil. Best Wishes and have a long, prosperous marriage!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not believe Israel is the problem. Look at the AID we have given Egypt, Turkey and Jordan before you complain too much about aid to Israel. The Arab countries fight more between themselves than they do with Israel. The problem relates to the jobless rate, lack of education lack of political freedoms (the groups fighting do not really want political freedoms what they want are their beliefs system stamped on all the other people) and social inequalities. The radical groups such as Hamas have social and education programs. They give the people hope, comfort and a belief system (a structure of life) – yep, you got it - Opiate of the masses. These Muslims radical groups fight all groups of people that do not believe in what they believe in. Israel is only a convenient target. What about Lebanon, Iraq, Iran and Syria to name a few? What Arabs countries need to do is to grow up. Quit blaming everything wrong in the life, every injustice on Israel. They have to take responsibility for there *^&^% up countries and find solutions to social inequalities. Find a middle road between their beliefs/culture and freedom/democracy.

Take a look a Iraq - How can those people every work out a solution for 3 groups of people to live together when a place such as Canada when its prosperity, wealth and development can not find a solution to make the people of Quebec happy – we have not even mention the native American population have we???.
But you choose to blame Israel.

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

I will work on a more balanced blog. It is terribly frustrating that so much money leaves my country to support a proxy US Army to protect the oil fields, and yet we support dictators who are no better than Nazis. The real anger is from knowing the same people who get rich from oil are the ones working so hard to keep us dependent upon it.


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