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08 May 2005

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! This blog is for all mothers and mothers-to-be. Note to gentlemen: don't neglect your women. Having been born to a fine mother of German and Irish descent, I feel obligated to tell the world how fortunate I have been! She was quite pleased with the flowers I gave her at the airport last night. Pleased also, that I saved a macaw from certain dehydration. The poor parrot couldn't operate the drinking fountain and the restaurant was closed.
Again, ladies, for all you've done, Happy Mother's Day and tulips to you!



Anonymous Linneadates said...

I'm not a Mommy yet, but I spent the day with my Mom and Grandmom and there really is no one person who can bring a smile to your face quite like a Mommy. Thanks to all of you!!!


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