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07 June 2005


Last night I took a basic SCUBA refresher class. We covered such topics as hand signals to communicate underwater, entry/exit, buoyancy control, equalizing the ears, mask clearing, air share, ascent/descent, planning with a NAUI Dive Table, emergency swimming ascent, and treating nitrogen emergencies.

I first became certified in college by taking diving as a phys ed class so I could dive in Jamaica. We did a night dive in Sponge Garden in St. Anne's Bay. Note: the sea critters, ie., hydras and jellyfish, are attracted to light. Bear this in mind if placing a light near the ladder to board the dive boat. Our divemaster was stung about the face as he surfaced.


Blogger saRah said...

stung on the face? nasty~


Blogger DivaJood said...

oh, bummer. That's gotta hurt.

Yes, ginger works!


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