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26 August 2005

Lessons of Global Warming?

"Which kind of culture would you prefer to get traded to?" Robert Sapolsky ponders a basic dichotomy of two societies in opposing ecosystems. Rain forests and deserts are home to vastly differing societies. Rain forest dwellers tend toward polytheism; desert residents lean towards monotheism.

Forests are lush with much to offer, while deserts teach brutal lessons. Forest men do hard work, while desert women are beasts of burden. Sapolsky's article, "Are the Desert People Winning?", appears in Discover magazine, p. 38, August 2005, Volume 26, No. 8. It is based on Stanford anthropologist Robert Textor's 1967 study A Cross-Cultural Summary.

Especially interesting is the militarism of the desert. At present the Earth is dominated by descendants of the Judeo-Christian/Muslim tribes. Women of the meek may be treated better, but their men still write poetry.

For more see Robert Sapolsky's Monkeyluv: And Other Essays on Our Lives as Animals, Scribner, September 2005.

23 August 2005

Cabin Construction: Week Five

We placed shingles on the front roof, which is an easily walked 5 in 12 slope, (5" horizontal run to 12 " vertical rise), on Sunday. This is a simple gable roof with common rafters, and is a good place to learn the trade. After pounding several dozen nails, I soon determined this hot, difficult work is better left to people who know what they are doing! So, I got off the roof and began cutting step stringers. The 2x10 wood stock is marked with a framing square and a brass stair gage set. There are three steps using a 5" rise and an 11" tread.

In other news, the tar paper which was nailed last week leaked in three places, though not in an area where I was working. This leaking is only temporary as the shingles will stop the rain.

I stopped to record mileage while driving from Freeport to the cabin; a driver in a blue Mercedes stopped to inquire if I had car trouble. This is an area where passing motorists wave on the back roads.

The solar shower I bought for backpacking is terrific! After heating in the sun for little more than a hour, it provides warm water.

14 August 2005

more construction

More work was done on the cabin this weekend. We finished nailing the sheathing to the rafters and nailing the tar paper in place. This is important as the flooring will be protected from rain. The framing is nearly complete. The shingles will be started next weekend and more supports for the siding will be placed.

12 August 2005

Tea Leaves and Science

Brainless cheating and ignorance powers the religious Right. These emasculated Bible thumpers got their boy elected and now hide behind freedom of religion to force others to support stone age agendas. Integrity lacks in these uneducated Neanderthals. They are trying to gain legitimacy for "intelligent design" to be taught alongside evolution. If inbred voters wish to embarrass themselves, polite society should hope they begin competing for Darwin Awards.

No child left behind.

06 August 2005

New Valve

I installed a new pressure-relief valve this morning. This is a safety device on a house water heater. It should be checked annually and replaced if necessary.

To test, lift up on lever and allow it to snap back. The valve should allow a burst of water into the drain tube. If there is evidence of continued leaking through the valve it will need changed. To do this, close the cold water pipe which feeds the water heater, then drain several gallons to get the water level low enough to remove the valve. Don't forget to place Teflon tape around the threads of the new valve!

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