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29 May 2005

Memorial Day

This blog post is dedicated to the memory of the servicemen who did not return.

This weekend has been spent with friends from Pennsylvania. Lisa & Terry, along with son Kyle and daughter Anika stayed at Randy & Charlotte's home. Other son, high school junior Tyler, remained back in Towanda to attend a survival school final exam. It has been to see them again. The only bad news to report is that of Tyler's wrecking his car. His is alright but the '89 Lincoln is totaled from having been rolled. I hope he has learned a lesson. This young man has been offered several scholarships, including West Point. Not for wrestling but for academics. Anika has been collecting insects and Kyle has been hanging with me, Randy, and his father. We assembled a porch swing for Charlotte and placed it on the new deck built in front of their house.

The vanilla coffee and ginger ale sure helped this morning after the Margaritas last night! I didn't have a hangover but was exhausted from lack of sleep.


22 May 2005

Malabar Farm

The hiking club went to Malabar Farm today. As usual, there were deer in the woods. For the interested, there is a hostel at this property. Truly beautiful place to take a woman. After the hike, the club ate dinner at the Malabar Inn.

14 May 2005

New tree

An Aborvitae has been planted to add background to the already pleasant view. Not only that, it is more neighbor friendly than a fence! Buds Randy and Rich helped by transporting it from the nursery and then in planting. Good thing, too, it is large and awkward to move.

Will it inspire poetry? Well, perhaps not Robert Frost!

Back to Ohio rain. How is the weather in New England?

08 May 2005

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! This blog is for all mothers and mothers-to-be. Note to gentlemen: don't neglect your women. Having been born to a fine mother of German and Irish descent, I feel obligated to tell the world how fortunate I have been! She was quite pleased with the flowers I gave her at the airport last night. Pleased also, that I saved a macaw from certain dehydration. The poor parrot couldn't operate the drinking fountain and the restaurant was closed.
Again, ladies, for all you've done, Happy Mother's Day and tulips to you!


05 May 2005

Cinco de Mayo

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!


04 May 2005

May 04, 1970

On May 04, 1970, the Ohio National Guard fired at students on the campus at Kent State University. The score: 4 dead and 9 wounded. Republican Governor James Rhodes had ordered the Guard to Kent to quell the students' protests against the Vietnam War.

Today's blog is dedicated to the memory of Allison Krause, Jeffrey Miller, Sandra Scheuer, and William Schroeder. Yes, the Ohio National Guard shot women.

There were 28 Guardsmen who fired 61 shots, in 13 seconds, at the students.

For more info see May4archive.org

Did they aim?


03 May 2005

Chilly again

The flowers are blooming despite the return to overly cool spring temps. Outside are red, yellow, purple, and my favorite, pink tulips!

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