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26 September 2005

mental health

A sociopath does not feel shame.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Former designation for a person with an antisocial personality type of disorder.

See: antisocial personality, psychopath.


n : someone with a sociopathic personality; a person with an antisocial personality disorder (`psychopath' was once widely used but has now been superseded by `sociopath') [syn: psychopath]


psy·cho·path Audio pronunciation of "psychopath" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (sk-pth)

A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse.

Are you giving us a clue to your personality??

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yoga, This isn't the place for this but I thought that you may find an interesting point to start a blog entry - I copied this from another BLOG from a person working in Rwanda - :

"introduction to a group of Rwandans who were having dinner at the hotel restaurant. I sat with them for a few hours, having drinks and enjoying conversation. The most memorable part of the conversation was a heated debate – well, more like a heated monologue – about AIDS prevention programs.

Evidently it is a common practice to predicate funding of AIDS programs on the delivery of particular messages. In our case (the Americans, that is) I’m told the required message is ABC – Abstinence, Be Faithful, Condoms. One particularly elegant woman dressed all in black with a bright yellow headscarf took issue with this. She wasted a lot of breath exhorting me to tell the organization I’m working for that they’re going about it all wrong. I’m not in any position to do this, but I listened to what she said with interest. “Abstinence and being faithful are unrealistic and completely out of touch with reality. That’s just not the way the world works. To base an entire program on those messages is ludicrous and bound to fail! Condoms should be the first, the only, and the last message. And they should be freely available everywhere.”

It easily believe that we would have an AIDS program from the Bush regime that is based on ABC – "Abstinence, Be Faithful, Condoms"

Blogger Caryn said...

Interesting. A sociopath does not feel shame. I like it. Concise. We suspected my ex-boyfriend's roommate had sociopathic tendencies, and he was alien to shame. But, like most informal diagnoses like that, I'm sure he wasn't really a sociopath. Just really, really...um...shameless.

Blogger Alicia said...

You're on target. A sociopath has a missing conscience - sort of being born without a leg, although trauma can induce sociopathy. The thing with sociopaths is that they are often smart, charismatic, persuasive, even seemingly empathetic. They're great salesmen. While they cannot feel the emotions normal people feel, they learn to mimic them to get what they want, which is their only goal. Not only do they not feel shame, they don't feel love (other than possesiveness) or most other human emotions. They don't see other people as real, which is why some become serial killers. But a lot of them blend right into society and are 'successful'- they are very perceptive as far as learning what it will take to get their way.

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

The original intent was to allude to the Boy President. In reflection, I may have used the wrong label as intelligence is too strong a factor!

Blogger Caryn said...

Alicia, your description is scary! And I can definitely see how it could allude to King George.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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