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31 August 2006

Tuesday's Word: pre-nuptial agreement

pre-nuptial agreement*: one entered into by prospective spouses prior to marriage but in contemplation but in comtemplation and in consideration thereof; by it, the property or other financial rights of one or both of the prospective spouses are determined or are secured to one or both of them or their children. Friedlander v. Friedlander, 80 Wash.2d 293, 494 P.2d 208, 212. A number of states have adopted the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act which prescribes the content, execution, amendment, etc. of such agreements.

This blog has no desire to entertain he said-she said arguments. Those with any capacity to think must understand that nothing edures but change. Those who live as mercenaries may expect to be treated as such.

*Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition



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