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30 August 2006

Cleveland: Poorest big city in the U. S., census shows

Diane Suchetka and Barb Galbincea, Plain Dealer Reporters

For the second time in three years, Cleveland has been named the poorest city in America.

Other Ohioans are hurting financially too, according to data released Tuesday by the U. S. Census Burueau.

For those living in the eight counties surrounding Cleveland, median household income dropped by $1, 178 over the last five years.

Clevelanders were much worse off.

Nearly a third of the city's residents -32.4%- were living below the federal poverty level.

Almost half the city's children were living in poverty.

How things have worsened in Cleveland since 2000...
50, 435 residents moved away, 53% more people are unemployed, 34% of manufacturing jobs were lost, $6,294 drop in median-household income, 3,000 more families headed by single moms, 18% fewer people had attended college.

Gov. Bob Taft is a Republican and our Statehouse is controlled by the GOP.


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