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21 November 2005

The Worst Governors in America

Republican Bob Taft of Ohio has been chosen as the Worst Governor in America

The only thing more stunning than the spectacle of a quivering, hangdog Ohio Governor pleading no contest in August to criminal charges is the fact that he is still in office. Bob Taft, the Republican great-grandson of a U.S. President and son of a Senator, could have received a two-year jail term for failing to report, as state law requires, 47 golf outings paid for by others, but a municipal-court judge let him walk after slapping him with a $4,000 fine. Taft has since ignored thunderous demands for his resignation, even from many onetime allies.

The Governor was widely considered an inept, ineffective leader even before he ran afoul of the law. As Ohio's manufacturing economy shriveled, his most identifiable initiative was a minuscule literacy campaign. The worst may lie ahead for Taft, who has 14 months remaining in his term. He faces a lawsuit alleging that he and other state G.O.P. officeholders awarded generous public contracts to campaign contributors.

Republicans...business as usual.

see time.com


Blogger theresa said...

The pile of republican disgraces and disappointments is getting too big to excuse, disguise, deny, or detour around. Some days, it seems to block the sun entirely. The backlash is around the corner. Until then, pray that the people who's food stamps were cut this week don't starve to death.

Blogger a rose is a rose said...

our governor was recently ousted too (connecticut) although HE DID get convicted of a crime. he was republican. i don't fault ALL repubs and i don't think all dems are angels either. as an example, i think more democrats should have spoken out AGAINST THE WAR WAY SOONER THAN THEY (those that have that is) did.

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

Theresa, it is beyond the pale that any self respecting human would align with the GOP. Perhaps you've uncovered their plan: starve those who would threaten the mid term elections.

Rose, I don't blame all Rs or all Ds but agree with you in that the Dems should have demanded hard evidence Sadam's being a threat to us. We can't take up every fight.

As commented to Last Left Turn, my family's blood is not for Iraqi political freedom. A population must be ready for democracy. Look how long a period was required for it to evolve in the West. Fundamental change does not occur overnight. Consider how many would be taking to the streets if not distracted by sports and soaps.

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous Shawn said...

Yeah, that's it. Republicans want to starve people. How can anyone take you seriously when you say things like that? I'm glad you can pinpoint my personality because I'm a Republican. I'll bet you've made a fortune, since you're so good at learning things about people from their political association. Your powers of discernment must be amazing. I can't wait to get up in the morning and figure out how many babies I'm going to eat that day, or how many ways I can pollute the environment, or how many poor people I can take money from. Do you always paint everyone with such a broad brush?

Should Democrats have demanded more hard evidence when they were saying the same things as Bush, but when Clinton was in office? Or when Clinton signed the Iraq Liberation Act in 1998, making regime change in Iraq the official policy of the US? Why don't you look at the Joint Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq to see that WMDs were not the only justification for going into Iraq, although that's what we're led to believe by the media. By the way, most Democrats voted in favor of that resolution. So you want to impeach Bush for carrying out the stated policy of the US, as dictated by Clinton? Should he be impeached because he doesn't have his head in the sand when it comes to terrorism? Or because he wiretapped suspected terrorists without warrants? If the wiretapping issue bothers you, I guess you'll be frothing when you realize Clinton did the exact same thing, but he also used it for economic purposes to undermine foreign companies. Oh, I'm sure you were also outraged when Clinton Asst. AG Jamie Gorelick, in 1994, argued the President has the power to authorize warrantless SEARCHES of homes. Another thing, how long do you think fundamental change in Iraq would take had Saddam been left in power? I guess "never" could be considered a long time. I have never heard anyone say this war would be easy or quick. Just the opposite. Bush has repeatedly said this would be difficult and long. But change has to start somewhere, and I for one am glad Saddam is sitting in prison. Now fundamental change can occur. I believe 25 years of tyrranical rule has made the Iraqis ready for change. Sure things will be difficult. The early years of this country were rife with difficulties, but we managed to come through those challenges, just as I believe the Iraqis will. And the world will be better off with an elected government in place of a tyrant.

Blogger Marian said...

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