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01 November 2005

Tuesday's Word

indictment (in-dIt-ment), n. 1. The formal written accusation of a crime, made by a grand jury and presented to a court for prosecution against the accused person. 2. The act or process of preparing or bringing forward such a formal written accusation. Cf. INFORMATION; PRESENTMENT (2).*

Open letter to the Dark Side: "B*sh is the weakest fraud of a commander in chief in the history of the republic."**

This blog wishes to recognize and thank ae of arse poetica for setting a standard to which we may aspire.

Special steps were taken to obtain the reference for this week's Word as my favorite lawyer babe did not provide said book.

* Black's Law Dictionary, Seventh Edition
** http://arsepoetica.typepad.com


Anonymous ae said...

David, thanks for the link love! Here's to spreading that sentiment far and wide until it is as natural a thought as taking a breath.

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

Anything for you or the Republic!

Blogger Me said...

I have two copies of said book - one huge one in my office and one travel size student edition at home.

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

"me" would not let me read her law dictionary!

Anonymous Goldie said...

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