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13 November 2005

Tagged by Alicia!

A great honor was bestowed upon Yoga Korunta by the lovely Alicia Morgan, talented author of Last Left Turn Before Hooterville.

This meme is as follows: Find the fifth sentence of your blog's twenty-third post to see how relevant it has stayed. No better a meme format could have been picked! Bloggers, before further comment, you should know that both Alicia's and this blog are dedicated to saving the Republic from Chimperor's Reign of Terror.

From 12 AUG 2005:
If inbred voters wish to embarrass themselves, polite society should hope they begin competing for Darwin Awards.

Makes this blogger awfully proud to be a forty niner!

Continuing in the spirit of Meme, five bloggers will be tagged next Saturday.



Blogger Manic Mom said...

Never heard of this meme before. If I looked back to my post, I'm sure it's about me throwing up somewhere. Hahah.

Have you discovered where I hid the new blog? I'll give you a clue:


Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

Thanks! I'll check the new site.


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