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03 January 2006

Tuesday's Word

1984* (1949) A satirical novel by George Orwell. Set in the society of the future, toward which Orwell believed both extreme right- and left-wing totalitarianism were heading, it is the story of a middle-aged man and a young woman who rebel. In this terrifying society, there is no place for truth, for historical records are destroyed and propaganda replaces information. Thought and love are punished, while privacy is impossible. Placards everywhere say: "Big Brother is watching you." Big Brother represents Stalin, and the satire is chiefly directed against Russia.

Bloggers, we know who Big Brother is, and how stupid he is. What we don't know yet is the extent to which he is willing to go to bring down this country.

Inspiration for this week's Word comes from Karena's post: Bad guys Forced to Use Pig Latin to Hide Plots. Thank you, Karena! See: http://karenas.typepad.com/my_weblog/

*Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia, Third Edition


Blogger wanda said...

Okay, I've read this post twice and Katrina's once. I still don't know what today's word is. Is it 'Big Brother' (which is technically two words), is it Pig Latin (again with the two words thing) or is it totalitarianism (which is one darn big word)?
Either way, George (Orwell that is) was only off by about twenty years or so. I wonder if he'd be surprised to see how close to the truth he came?

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

Karena provided the idea which became this week's Word: 1984. The most frustrating aspect of this administration is the use of secrecy to cover its crimes and incompetence.

Now we get news of Jack Abramoff's guilty plea to conspiracy, mail fraud, and tax evasion charges. The Capitol Hill corruption probe of alleged bribes to lawmakers and their aides is on issues ranging from Internet gambling to wireless phone service in the House; see Pete Yost, AP, 04 JAN 2006.

The GOP has taken crime to a new low. Mr. Abramoff is looking at a possible 30 year sentence.

Thanks for reading, Wanda!

Blogger Douglas Hoffman said...

Yesterday, Steve Gilliard posted an interesting comparison of Nixon and Bush. It generated a good deal of interesting debate in the comments, too. Gilliard thinks Bush is far more stupid and cowardly than Nixon, and so less capable of pulling off a dictatorship here at home. A number of folks disagreed. Lively debate.

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

Douglas, I remember Nixon. I shall read and then comment. Thank you!


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