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18 February 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!

Contrary to its rather negative reputation in the West, the Pig of Chinese Astrology may be the most generous and honorable Sign of the Zodiac. Pigs are nice to a fault and possess impeccable manners and taste. They have so much of the perfectionist in them that others may be inclined to perceive them as snobs, but this is a misconception. Pigs are simply possessed of a truly luxurious nature, one that delights in finery and riches (in surroundings, food, lovemaking and otherwise). This Sign believes in the best qualities of mankind and certainly doesn't consider itself to be superior. Pigs also care a great deal about friends and family and work hard to keep everyone in their lives happy. Helping others is a true pleasure for the Pig, who feels best when everyone else is smiling.

A Pig with no one around to appreciate its giving nature is a sad sight. Pigs are so magnanimous they can appear almost saintly; this can lead some less-than-well-intentioned souls to stomp all over this Sign, and the bad news is, the Pig will take the blows! Pigs make great companions in part because of their refusal to see the more negative or base qualities in a partner, but that rose-colored view can lead to this Sign's allowing itself to be taken advantage of. Contrary to their seemingly benign dispositions, however, Pigs can be quite venomous in response to being crossed by a lover, friend or business partner.

Pigs are highly intelligent creatures, forever studying, playing and probing in their quest for greater knowledge. They can be misinterpreted as being lazy, however, due to their love of reveling in the good stuff; this Sign could happily spend hours on end making love, napping, taking a long bubble bath or dallying over an incredible spread of rich foods. Pigs tend to make wonderful life partners due to their hearts of gold and their love of family. Even so, Pigs can be rather exclusive, choosing to spend time with those who will appreciate them most and ignore the rest of the populace. Pigs would do well to realize that there's more to life than being needed. When they open up their world to a diverse group of people, they will truly bloom.

The most compatible match for a Pig is the Rabbit or the Goat.

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Blogger rudy said...

I agree. Pigs are Kosher in my book. You should read it sometime.

Like most liberals I, H. Rudy Ericson- the HE, am not superstiticious. I believe in God.

Drop the sweet and sour pork, and the chopsticks and pick up The Bible.

What is this nonsense of pigs being good lovers? Horny mammals should stay away from rodents.

Beastiality among beasts is not only a sin, but is just a gruesome idea in itself.

Exactly who is this Chinese person that caught a filthy pig trying to bust out of it's pen and take advantage of a rabbit.

Pigs should be butchered and cut into chops. They wallow in their own feces while rabbits leave a trail of dirty pellets and balls behind them in the dust

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

Please avoid this blog. If you have creative energy, write one of your own.

I promise not to leave any comments which would betray a sense of uneducated, parochial ignorance.

Blogger rudy said...

I do have my own blog. I mentioned this in the last thread. Your ignorance and forgetfulness must be too difficult to hide.

I should post on Ted Kennedy, the Chappaquiddick killer. I'll be sure to include your name if I do.

Blogger catherine belle said...

Such hostility! Of course there always has to be that one person that has to blow everything out of proportion! I think your post was interesting! Yoga, the pig suits you well!

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

Thank you, Catherine! You have impeccable taste and are obviously a woman of refinement and intelligence.

Rude Boy is too much; tomorrow he goes into a cage!


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