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21 January 2007

Tagged by Misty!

The A to Z of me!

A. a is for apple
B. Boy or girl? XY chromosomes
C. Cake or pie? Baklava!
D. Drink of choice? Caffeine free, diet ginger ale
E. Essential item? Ab board
F. Favored color? Green
G. Gummi bears or worms? Ginger bread cookies
H. Hunger? Knowledge
I. Indulgence? Health
J. January or February? August
K. Kids and names? NA
L. Lefty or righty? Ambi
M. Marriage date? NA
N. Number of siblings? One
O. Oranges or apples? Kiwis
P. Phobias/fears? Chaos
Q. Favored quote: "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." Thomas Jefferson
R. Reason to smile? Blog Babe!
S. Season? Fall
T. Tag three peeps: the first 3 readers!
U. Unknown fact about me: once played tenor sax
V. Vegetable you hate: beets
W. Worst habit: poor spelling
X. X-rays I've had: dental and bones
Y. Your favored food? Shrimp lo mein
Z. Zodiac? Virgo
"Baby, it's cold outside!"


Blogger msliberty said...


That's one of my favorite quotes too!

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

Ms Liberty, thanks for reading! Oh, and guess what, now you are tagged. You have such good taste!

Blogger pissed off patricia said...

It was fun to read but I've had my meme shot. I always have good intentions but I never follow up on them.

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

Thanks for reading POP! I enjoy memes and quite understand when others opt out.

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

Note to Virginia Beach bloggers: don't even suggest Misty for the next post!


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