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10 October 2006

Tuesday's Word: relaxation

Relaxation is a concept; the aim of recreation and leisure activities and the opposite of stress or tension.

Relaxation may also refer to:

>In mechanical systems, the release of tension on a given instrument
>In music, the release of musical tension
>In physics, the transition of an atom or molecule from a higher energy level to a lower one. See the following articles for more information:
>Dielectric relaxation
>Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR): relaxation (NMR)
>Relaxation technique (mathematics) in mathematical optimization, a technique for transforming hard contraints into easier ones

See also

>Relaxation technique See Redwood tree!
>Relaxation time

Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relaxation"

Category: Disambiguation

The state we desire is brought to awareness by Mlle Belle! Merci, Catherine!


Blogger Lola Heatherton said...

I am an expert at relaxation. That, and looking fabulous.

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

And fabulous you look, Lola! Thanks for stopping by!

Blogger catherine belle said...

Thanks for humoring me! I am still looking for a day in which I can really relax. Then I realize, I would feel very antsy if I had a day of nothing to do.

Blogger barbie2be said...

i'd like to be relaxing on a beach in mexico with a margarita in my hand.

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

Catherine, you're welcome! Your comment parallels an essay from freshman English. As memory serves, I complained of boredom as I had little to do over spring break. How times change. Now the decisions are arranged by the consequences of what isn't done.

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

Barbie, I, too, would like to be relaxing on a beach in Mexico with a Margarita in my hand!

Blogger Cletus Larue said...

Or beneath a Redwood, Sr. Korunta?


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