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01 October 2006

Chinese Astrology

The Pig and the Rabbit

The Pig and the Rabbit can make a great and mutually satisfying connection, especially if they're friends, lovers or members of the same family. The Pig derives great pleasure from offering its loved ones help, affection and protection. The emotional Rabbit relies on friends and family for support, without which it has trouble maintaining equilibrium. These two qualities are highly complementary, and these two Signs are likely to make one another feel very well-loved and -cared for.

Other qualities are also working in their favor, be their relationship amorous or platonic. The Pig has an amiable, generous nature that tends to see only the best in others, while the Rabbit possesses great powers of compassion and perception. Both Signs can forgive almost any fault -- and with one another, the faults to forgive are few. The Rabbit's weaknesses, such as timidity, passivity and subjectivity, tend to come into play only when this Sign interacts with other, more overbearing Signs, but the honorable Pig isn't likely to override the Rabbit on any level. The Pig's weaknesses are generally the result of its sensual, loving nature; this Sign knows how to work hard when it cares about the results and can be a fearsome force when need be. The Rabbit will feel very well protected by the Pig and will offer its loyalty and sweet affection in return.

As lovers, these two could have quite a steamy connection; the Pig is an out-and-out sensualist and the Rabbit's timidity belies a truly passionate nature. If in business together, the Pig may act as front person, being more socially gregarious and at ease than the Rabbit; however, the Pig's good manners would never let it presume it had the upper hand in the business. This Sign will always listen to the Rabbit's ideas and will likely find them to be uniquely innovative.

The Pig and the Rabbit share a compatibility of nine, on a scale of one to ten. Click here to see other Signs' compatibility ratings! Also, it's important to remember that each year is associated not only with a Chinese Sign but also with one of the Chinese Elements -- Metal, Water, Wood, Fire or Earth. That means there's Water Pigs, Wood Pigs, Fire Rabbits, Earth Rabbits ... Find your Element as well as your Sign to see how your Element affects your Animal nature.




Blogger Caryn said...

Cool link! Thanks for posting it.

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

You're welcome, Caryn! Glad you enjoyed it. BTW, had I packed in dessert, it wouldn't have been applesauce!

Thanks for reading!

Blogger catherine belle said...

Thanks for the very interesting link! I am a snake, which suprised me until I read the description. I can see now how being a snake can be a good thing!

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

Catherine, you are "...possessed of a keen intelligence." Another quality of the snake is that it is lean and efficient.

Bloggers, how 'bout some feedback? Let's try to reach a consensus. I am a pig; the description is surprisingly accurate.


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