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01 August 2007

Tagged by Jess!

1. Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2008. Our side won! How do you celebrate?
2. Are you on a boat or are you a land lubber or do you soar?
3. What was the last mistake you wished you could cover up?
4. Are your omelettes fluffy?
5. When was the last time your paradigm shifted?

Yoga Korunta has been tagged by Jess Wundrun, so here are the answers!

1a. When the lesser evil wins, we will celebrate with Champagne, of course!

2a. I'm on land, but wish to be sailing.

3a. The last mistake for which I am shamed was made several years ago when I spoke sans brain activity. A Freudian slip?

4a. The omelettes are tres puff!

5a. The last paradigm shift was around 40 years ago when I learned to ask questions.

Continuing in the blog tradition, I am tagging ae, A Curmudgeonly Crab, Barbie, Elizabeth, and Mary!



Blogger Mary said...

A different meme finally! Seems it's always the same one going around. Good answers.

Blogger barbie2be said...

ok, ok... i did it. but i am not tagging anyone.

Blogger Crabbi said...

Ooh, fun! I'll get on this...maybe not immediately, but soon.

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

Looking forward to reading yours! Thanks for stopping by!


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