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07 July 2007

Happy 07/07/07!

As luck would have it, weddings soar 7/7/07

Friday, July 06, 2007
Bill Lubinger
Plain Dealer Reporter

The calendar has dealt a hand Saturday that has tens of thousands of hopeful brides and grooms, birthday celebrators and the numerically superstitious betting the house.

It's July 7 - 7/7/07 - the ideal sequence for a day (and maybe a lifetime?) of luck extraordinaire.
With so many lucky sevens falling on a Saturday, the hopeful are letting it ride.

About 12,000 couples get married on a typical Saturday in July, said Melissa Bauer, spokeswoman for theknot.com, a wedding-planning site. Tomorrow, almost three times as many will walk the aisle, she said, partly because of an extended holiday weekend, but mostly it's the promise that the number 7 holds.

Oh, and Bloggers, if the luck doesn't hold I know a good lawyer!



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