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12 June 2007

Tuesday's Word: kismet

Kismet (Turkish, Urdu as well as Hindi and Arabic, "fate"--derived from the Arabic term qisma; modified in Persian as qismat and then from Turkish it came to English usage) can refer to several things:
1 Locations
2 Other uses
3 Arts
3.1 Film

Kismet, Kansas
Kismet, New York, a town on Fire Island

Other uses
Kismet (program), a computer program used to analyze wireless network traffic
Kismet (robot), a robot intended to demonstrate simulated emotion
Kismet (Marvel Comics), a Marvel Comics superheroine
Kismet (DC Comics), a DC Comics character
Kismet (chocolate bar)
Kismet (dice game)

Kismet (gameplay scripting), gameplay scripting tool for the Unreal Engine from Epic Games
Kismet is a song from Born, the debut album of the string quartet bond
Kismet, a curry house in the North East of England
Akismet, short for Automattic Kismet, an effective server based spam filter.

Kismet (musical), a 1953 Broadway musical built around the music of Alexander Borodin, and adapted from a 1911 play by Edward Knoblock.
Kismet was a band formed by ethnic Macedonians in Australia (1993-1999), lead by Gorazd Chapovski from the band Mizar.
Kismet is an album from the Hungarian folk vocalist Márta Sebestyén.
Kismet Magic: The Gathering card.

Kismet is the name of more than 15 films; among the best known is the lavish production of:
Kismet (1930) produced by Warner Brothers starring Loretta Young and Otis Skinner which was shot in an early widescreen process known as the Vitascope
Kismet (1943), Hindi film which stars Ashok Kumar
Kismet (1944), starring Ronald Colman and Marlene Dietrich), and based on Knoblock's play; sometimes shown on television as Oriental Dream.
Kismet (1955), directed by Vincente Minnelli and based on the 1953 musical

This week's Word was suggested by Barbie, from whom this blog was recently tagged!



Blogger barbie2be said...

it's fate! :)

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

I recall the dice game but wondered just what it meant. Thanks for reading, Barbie!

Blogger Mary said...

Who knew Kismet was so many things?

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

Only our dear Barbie! Thanks for reading!

Blogger barbie2be said...

i knew it was a lot of things, but i did not know it was a town in kansas! learn something new every day! :)

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

Is your blog accepting comments? It didn't the last time!

Blogger vanillabirdies said...

Wow! It was great to see everything listed. I didn't realize there were that many films...or anything else!

But you didn't demand for homework that we all use it in a sentence today...Oh no!

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

How irresponsible not to try to enlighten readers by incorporating into their vocabularies the Tuesday's Word series!

Now you know folks: henceforth, each week's Word is to be used in conversation or in writing, per Vanillabirdies' order!

Thanks for reading!


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