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13 May 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Had lunch with my mother at the local Woman's Club where she is a past president. This phot was taken in the garden behind the house, Five Oaks.

Five Oaks was designed by noted Cleveland architect Charles F. Schweinfurth and built 1892-1894 for Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter McClymonds. The name was adopted from five oak trees that stood on the lawn. An oak motif, employing designs of the acorn, leaf, and tree, is used extensively in the house.

The exterior is an eclectic type of architecture, the design which Schweinfurth was working with at the time. There are features of Gothic, Romanesque, Tudor, and French Renaissance.

Three entrances lead to the grand hall and its imposing staircase with two landings. Large doorways open from this hall to the music room, reception room, south parlor, library, dining room and billiard room. The kitchen and two pantries are at the rear. Five fireplaces grace the first floor, each with decorated mantel and unique marble facing.

Wood of mahogany and oak, all hand carved, is used for finishing and decorating on the first floor. Walls are painted and stenciled or decorated, many in gold leaf or silver.

Many artifacts from the McClymonds' travel are distributed throughout the rooms. These include oil paintings, pictures, sculptures, vases, and some pieces of furniture.

The second floor consists of a large central hall off which doorways lead to five bedrooms, one of which is a large master bedroom and one a bedroom-sitting-room combination. On the third floor there are also three bathrooms, a linen closet, and sewing room; the fireplaces number five.

The third floor has a ballroom, minstrel balcony, and two rooms that were used for card playing and serving of refreshments. To the back are two bedrooms and a bath for the accommodation of any live-in help.


Blogger Elizabeth McClung said...

happy mothers day!

Blogger DivaJood said...

Nice photo of your mom, and interesting description. She looks like a strong woman.

Blogger Caryn said...

Sounds delightful, and I love the picture. Happy Mother's Day!

Blogger Melissa said...

What a lovely photo!
I hope you two had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Blogger BellaMommy said...

That's beautiful photo to cherish. Thank you for the Mother's Day wishes.

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

Thank you, Elizabeth!

Thank you, Diva Jood! Yes, she is strong and was my primary caregiver.

Thank you, Caryn! It was a delightful lunch-especially when the bat swooped down across the tables!

Thank you, Melissa! It's been a great day though most of it was spent training and working on T.R.'s place.

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

Thank you, Bella Mommy! And you are more than welcome!

Blogger arse poetica said...

Happy (belated) Mother's Day, yoga k.! Love the pic w/ your mom.

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

Thank you, ae! All mothers are welcome to visit; those with pets must keep pups on a leash!


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