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10 April 2007

Tuesday's Word: l-a-t-e!

Dear Readers,
We've all been late a few times, and, while not wishing to play country music by whining, I'm late today. This humble Blogger apologizes; it's been a busy day.


Blogger Melissa said...

You're late?

Blogging has slowed quite a bit since the new version of Blogger has been forced on us. Many feminist blogs have moved to Wordpress. I think I'll stay where I am.

I have been busy too. It's tax time.

Blogger Mary said...

Though I don't like to be I do find I sometimes am late too. No worries.

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

Taxes? What?

Mary, there are times when one is held captive to others' foot dragging!

Oh, Melissa, I hope you're not l-a-t-e!

Blogger Melissa said...

I'm always on time. There are precautions one can take to prevent l-a-t-e-ness. Sometimes.

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

One hopes the last time was one of those times of prevention!


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