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21 February 2006

Tuesday's Word

Manichaeism* "...was one of the major ancient religions of Iranian-origin. Though its organized form is mostly extinct today, a revival has been attempted under the name of Neo-Manichaeism. However, most of the writings of the founding prophet Mani have been lost. Some scholars and anti-Catholic polemicists argue that its influence subtly continues in Western Christian thought via Saint Augustine of Hippo, who converted to Christianity from Manichaeism, which he passionately denounced in his writings, and whose writing continues to be enormously influential among Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox theologians. "

"Because Manichaeism is a faith that teaches dualism, in modern English the word 'manichean' has come to mean dualistic, presenting or viewing things in a 'black and white' fashion."

Hmmm...who do we know who sees complex issues in an oversimplified, Flat Earth, Bible thumping, "With us or against us," chickenhawk, cowboy mentality? Why, our Boy George, of course!

This week's Word comes at the suggestion of Douglas Hoffman, blogger and healer par excellence!

For more on Manichaeism's origins, theology, expansion, relation to orthodox Christianity, criticisms, references, and external links, see http://en.wikipedia.org.



Anonymous Maddie said...

Hello, David :)

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

Hi, Maddie, hope you return!

Anonymous Doug Hoffman said...

I thought you would like that one ;)

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

Yes, Doug, very much! Thanks for the suggestion!


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