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07 February 2006

Tuesday's Word

1class* \'klas\ n, often attrib [F classe, fr. L classis group called to arms, class of citizens; akin to L calare to call -- more at LOW] 1 a : a group sharing the same economic or social status b : social rank; esp : high social rank c : high quality : ELEGANCE 2 a : a course of instruction b : a body of students meeting regularly to study the same subject c : the alumni whose year of graduation is the same 3 : a group, set, or biological taxonomy ranking above the order and below the phyllum or division b : a group of adjacent and discrete or continuous values of a random variable c : SET19 4 : a division or rating based on grade or quality

2class vt : CLASSIFY

This week's Word comes by way of the lovely Sarah Jackson, trusted consultant and advisor. "My men believe in Honor, Truth, and Justice." Golly, who does this leave out!?!

*Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary


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