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31 January 2006

Tuesday's Word

obsequious* \ob-'see-kwee-es\ adj [ME, fr. L obsequiosus compliant, fr. obsequium compliance, fr. obsequi to comply, fr. ob- toward + sequi to follow -- more at OB- , SUE] : exhibiting a servile attentiveness or complaisance syn see SUBSERVIENT ant contumelious -- ab-se-qui-ous-ly adv -- ob-se-qui-ous-ness n

This blog wishes to serve in the public's best interest by reminding all that President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and their friends and supporters are oil rich. Do they work for you?

This week's Word comes by way of Siel, babe grad student and writer in Los Angeles! Please support her as she tries to think globally and act locally. Be sure to check her blog: http://greenlagirl.com. Does she wear black lace panties while sipping Fair trade coffee?

*Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary


Anonymous green LA girl said...

Why are the black lace panties in blue? :o

Blogger Yoga Korunta said...

An attempt at humor for one of my favorite political bloggers, Blue Gal! See: http://bgalrstate.blogspot.com; a theme of hers is "panties!"

Blogger Blue Gal said...

Yeah, but you need to LINK panties to me. The idea is that when someone googles panties and clicks "I feel lucky", they'll go straight to my blog. It's called a Google bomb and so far no success. I keep plugging away at it, tho.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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